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Ruth Berghofer, MSc
Ruth Berghofer, MSc

We are delighted that you are interested in this holistic method for strengthening and promoting your health and well-being.

Maybe you are looking for support in dealing with mental and emotional stress in your everyday life or at work. Maybe you are searching for an efficient method for stress and burnout prevention or you suffer from allergies.

We are happy to help you and are convinced that you will find a suitable Balance Kinesiologist in your area on this platform.

What is Balance Kinesiologie?

Balance Kinesiologie is a highly effective method for relieving emotional and mental stress to promote your health and well-being.

Development of Balance Kinesiologie®

BALANCE Kinesiologie® was developed in the beginning of 2000 by Ruth Berghofer (MSc) at the BALANCE Akademie after being repeatedly confronted with problems that proved hard to solve with traditional kinesiological methods. In BALANCE Kinesiologie® the kinesiological muscle test is combined with other methods and knowledge in order to efficiently and sustainably solve different personal and work-related stress reactions.

BALANCE Kinesiologie® now works with one of the most elaborate testing catalogues in the world and was registered as a trademark with the Austrian patent office in 2003. In longstanding cooperation, Ruth Berghofer and her team have developed a unique synergy of different counselling approaches in connection with kinesiologic muscle testing.

BALANCE Kinesiologie® has been used for many years to manage stress and to solve energetic, emotional and mental blocks and has proven to be highly effective. Special testing charts and methods were developed that focus on the topics of burnout/stress, conflict resolution/mobbing as well as working with belief systems and success blocks. By combining kinesiological work with knowledge about work-related stress, resilience, workplace health promotion and coaching competencies, BALANCE kinesiologists can professionally tackle a wide variety of personal and work-related problems and questions.

In 2010 BALANCE Kinesiologie® was recognized as an independent kinesiological method by the Austrian Kinesiology Association and enjoys a high level of acceptance in the market.

Areas of application

In general, Balance Kinesiologie can be used to deal with all issues that negatively affect your well- being, for stress reduction as well as for building personal resources.

Work-related issues:

  • Regulating pressure to perform
  • Social tension within the team or with clients or superiors
  • Occupational crises
  • Stress and burnout prevention
  • Mobbing, downward bullying
  • Termination or change of job
  • Preparation for public appearances, important negotiations or assessments
  • Stage fright
  • Time management
  • Work-life balance
  • Conflict resolving

Building personal resources:

  • Increasing creativity
  • Successful self-management
  • Resolving blocks to success
  • Charisma and congruent communication
  • Reaching professional goals,etc.

Personal level:

  • Relationship problems
  • Blocking family influences (family dynamics)
  • Support during and after break-ups
  • Work on self-esteem and self-worth
  • Loss of loved animals, moving home, new job, loss of circle of friends
  • Energetic blocks, etc.

Physical level:

  • Work on physical symptoms (after medical consultation and in cooperation with a doctor)
  • Allergies, especially to house dust mites, pollen, food, animal hair, paint, insect stings, etc.
  • Energetic regulation after operations, etc.

With children:

When working with children, the parents are always included.

  • Behavioural problems
  • Learning difficulties
  • Difficulty to concentrate
  • Allergies and phobias
  • Contact difficulties
  • During or after a divorce or loss of an attachment figure
  • Social problems with other children, the parents, teachers, etc.

Please notice

Balance Kinesiologists work exclusively with mentally stable people in short-term stress situations who seek help and support on their own account.

Balance Kinesiologie is not a therapy method, nor is it a diagnostic instrument or a worldview. It is a combination of methods and techniques that is used to support people in personal and work-related stress situations.

Balance Kinesiologists offer personal and individual support in achieving a physical and energetic balance.


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